Dear new parents, You’re exhausted. Your world has been turned upside down and life is a little bit crazy right now. But look how far you’ve come. The first 12 months can be overwhelming but remember that the days may be long but the years are short.
Before you know it your little bundle of joy will reach their 1st birthday so savour each sweet moment. And what better time is there than now to start creating more memories with your baby. Here is a list of things to do before your baby reaches the magnificent 1...

• Create a 1st year baby book •
Document your baby’s milestones. Special moments like when they cut their first tooth, when they first rolled over, their first tastes will all make for amazing memories to look back on. You could buy a 1st year baby book and fill it in, or, if you fancy being creative you could make your own using a plain scrapbook and fill it with all of your wonderful memories and milestones.

•Take a trip to the zoo •
Find a place where you can introduce your baby to different animals. The delight on your baby’s face will be well worth the trip. It doesn’t have to be a zoo, it could be your local pet shop or farm, but it’ll be a special day out for the both of you to enjoy.

• Exercise with baby •
Exercise doesn’t have to stop when you become a parent. Whether it’s at home following a baby-friendly work out video or trying a parent and baby exercise class in your local area, exercising with your baby is a brilliant bonding activity. You’ll be surprised at just how great you’ll feel afterwards!

• Take your baby on a bike ride •
Another great way to get some exercise in would be to take your baby on their very first bike ride. When your baby is at least nine months old, a bike ride will be super fun and will keep them occupied.

• Go swimming •
The more you get your baby used to water, the more confident they’ll be splashing around as they get older. You could look into joining a swimming group for you to both attend or you could go at your own pace at your local swimming pool.

• Get professional photos taken •
We all love to take our own photos of our baby but before they turn one, book in a professional photoshoot. It’ll be such a lovely experience to see your baby captured professionally and to have those amazing photos to look back on.

• Videos •
As much as we love taking millions of photos of our babies sometimes we forget that videos are just as special. Just think of all the home videos you can make to look back on (or to embarrass them with in the future...)

• 10 wishes for my baby •
Write down 10 of your hopes and dreams for your baby either on a blog or in your diary. Keep it safe and it’ll be a lovely thing for you both to look back on when your baby is older.

• Snatch their footprints •
Don’t ever forget their tiny little feet and print their footprints with ink so you have the memory of your baby being that little, forever.

• Have a bath with your baby •
Try bathing with your baby for what will be a lovely bonding moment for you both. Play with the toys in the bath & sing to your baby, they will love it!

• Go to the movies •
Head down to your local cinema and check out their parent and baby screenings. Something different for you both and a great way to meet other parents locally!

That first year will go by before you know it so make the most of these 12 months. They are fast but so precious.