The subject of baby sleep is so huge, there are so many questions, variations and theories that people have.

Sleep is such a huge part of a babies world, they need sleep to recharge and grow (as do parents). There are quick naps, long naps, being over stimulated, sleeping in the car, sleeping in a buggy, co-sleeping and so many more variations.

Each baby is different, just as each person is different so sometimes the ‘rules’ don’t fit all babies or families.

Christine from @thecherrytreecompany is our recommended sleep expert, her knowledge is invaluable for new parents and parents going through any unexpected changes in the sleep of their little ones. There are developmental milestones which create changes in your babies sleep patterns. Just when you think you have it cracked something changes!

You can find her website and Facebook group for great hints and tips and of course 1-1 advice tailored to your needs and baby.

The best advice I was given is that everything is a phase, it can be good or bad but it’s guaranteed to change so if it’s a bad phase it will pass soon.

I can vividly remember that if anyone disturbed the morning nap (usually a replacement postman) then the day would not run smoothly! Also with 2 babies only 18 month apart my toddler was very much still napping during the day when our newborn arrived. Juggling feeds and naps was a struggle but you all muddle through and find your system.

When you have 2 little ones at different stages wanting their own little routine it can be very tough. Bathtime was always the trickiest time for me but I had to make sure it was a solid routine so everyone knew the plan!! Bath, pjs, milk, story and bed…most of the time it was smooth! Not perfect or without tears but everyone was clean, fed, in a warm bed and asleep!

Without this structure to the bathtime/bedtime routine then it causes confusion and can unsettled little ones. They like to know the plan so they can understand what you want from them.

How Much Sleep Does Baby Need?

sleep nap times

Adding in familiar noises, songs, smells can all help in the sleep routine. Both my boys had (and still have) a special blanket for sleeping with, they knew immediately when they were tiny that as soon as milk and ‘the’ blanket came out it was time to settle into a lovely relaxing snuggle and drift off with soft special blanket…and me too! I spent many an afternoon trapped underneath a snoozing baby and toddler, enjoying the moment and remembering everything I should be doing but honestly the list of jobs can wait…there is nothing as calming and loving as napping with little people.

Here at ZIPPYUP I aim to create products that make life easier for parents, whether it’s a zip up babygrow for easy night changes or a sleeping bag with removable arms and legs so it can be used in different ways. Being a parent is tough enough so why not use products that are helpful and easy to use?!