Just when you think you have got everything you need for your new baby, something else pops up. For parents to be, the newborn essential shopping list can be a very long and confusing one. What with all the different expert opinions you find, which are then challenged by your family and friendsrecommendations, not forgetting how much choice there is out there; although its an exciting time, it can be quite daunting getting everything ready for your new arrival.


At ZIPPYUP we know that every baby is different and that parents wont quite get everything right first time around- and thats OK. What breast-pump may work for some, wont for others and what bottle teat might be fine for one baby, wont be the right shape for another.


Parenthood is a journey for trial and error and there is so much you will discover about your baby and their needs along the way.


You may find that sectioning off parts of your newborn essential shopping list and focussing on one section at a time will enable you to tick things off your list as you go, allowing you to work your way through it more easily. For example you could group all of the feeding items you need together and then do the same for sleeping essentials.


If you are now at the stage of organising your newborn essential clothes list or if you are considering clothing options to gift to an expectant parent, we at ZIPPYUP we have compiled a checklist of clothing you really need for your newborn.


Coming-home Outfit:

Opt for something that is warm and have fun choosing this outfit- the more photo friendly the better!


4-8 Babygrows:

Made from 100% cotton, the ZIPPYUP Babygrow Romper Bodysuit is super soft on baby's skin. The zip is concealed so it is safe and does not come in contact with your baby's skin. The sleeves have turn back cuffs to allow hands to be enclosed to stop scratching so you don't need separate mittens and they are long enough for your baby to have lots of hand room.



6-8 vests as an extra layer to keep warm. A guide to keeping your baby at the correct temperature is that they always wear one more layer than you.


Stretchy pull-on pants:

2-3 joggers and leggings that are comfortable and can easily be pulled on.


Tops (snap crotch):

3-6 tops which will be perfect for layering and wont ride up. Long or short sleeved depending on the season.


Jacket or sweater:

2-3 for outdoor wear and the colder months.



2-3. Soft cotton hat for warmth and a sun hat.


Socks or Booties:

4-6. To keep those feet warm and for extra protection indoor and outdoors.


Dress-up outfit:

For visitors, photos, and other special occasions



EASY CLOTHES - If you can try to opt for clothing that opens at the side or the front, this will be quicker and easier for you to get your newborn dressed.


KEEP IT SIMPLE - There area variety of clothes you can buy for your child but try to keep their wardrobe simple. Things like ribbons and frills can irritate and can cause rashes in some cases.


LAYERING- Experts advise to layer your babys clothes when they sleep. A sleeveless sack that zips up the front will be a more safer alternative to blankets.


QUANTITY- Babies grow so quickly so try to just buy enough of everything otherwise youll be overwhelmed with just how many outgrown clothes you end up with.


SIZE - Try to always buy 3 months ahead and advise friends and family to always go for this size too.