The subject of the best way to feed your baby is never exhausted it would seem. It has recently been suggested that midwives must be more open to bottle feeding newborn babies and be more sympathetic to new mums who find breast feeding isn't for them for whatever reason. There are always going to be people who have strong opinions on how to feed babies, it's really the decision of the parent (lets faces it - Mummy! Sorry guys!).

As a bottle feeding mummy of two boys, both over 10lbs at birth, I am a strong believer in feeding your baby what and when they need it. In my case they were both hungry babies and just couldn't wait for my body to adjust to their needs.

To avoid distress to us all I took the decision to go with bottle feeding. It wasn't a hard choice, my baby needed feeding and its my responsibility to make sure this happens. The added bonus is that my hubby can also enjoy the closeness of feeding too. Whatever your preference for feeding your little one, its your choice and be strong with your decision. There isn't a mother out there who hasn't worried about feeding their baby, whether it is bottle or breast. Is it too cold? too hot? too much? too often? not enough?

Here are a few handy hints and tips for bottle fed babies that I have picked up along my bottle feeding journey:

  1. Use an anti colic bottle such as Dr Browns.
  2. Wind baby each time they take a natural break to avoid trapped wind.
  3. Keep baby upright until it has burped...even if asleep, it will work its way up eventually.
  4. Avoid shaking the milk, this will put air into it.
  5. Make sure the teat is full of milk when feeding to avoid baby swallowing air.
  6. Ensure the flow of milk through the teat is the correct speed for your baby so they don't gulp air.