Mummy and baby hospital check list;
There are never ending lists for your hospital bag, ZIPPYUP have put together the essentials that will definitely cover any event, you won't need to take your suitcase for a 2 week holiday!
There are many other mummy and baby luxuries that you can add but here are the basics you will need...

Nighties ✅
Dressing gown ✅
Pads ✅
Breast pads ✅
knickers ✅
Bra ✅
Flip flops ✅
Windeeeze tables (c-section mummies) ✅
Clothes to come home in✅
Wash bag/shower gel/make-up✅
Towel ✅

Babygrows/ Onesies ✅
Vests ✅
Hats ✅
Nappies ✅
Cotton wool pads ✅
Milk & bottles/teats/dummy ✅
Blanket ✅
Water Wipes ✅
Muslin cloths ✅