Keeping your baby warm in bed...

Creating a safe space for your baby to sleep to be a very daunting task. There are many options for sleepwear and sleeping bags.


A baby sleeping bag is a really good option for a baby of 6 months and older. Being 6 months old means they are big enough that the sleeping bag won't accidently go over their head. Different togs (thickness) means you can choose the correct thickness depending on the season and temperature in their bedroom.

Sleeping bags also give your little one something familiar that is associated with sleep and comfort. An evening routine can be created to help with this too, hopefully they will understand that its time wind down and get ready for sleep once you put on the sleeping bag.

At ZIPPYUP we understand that sleep is a huge part of family life, when everyone sleeps well it makes for a happy home! The award winning ZIPPYUP sleeping bags are unique. They come with several features to help parents and little ones sleep well. 

Zippyup 2.5 Tog available in 2 options unisex colours;

1. Removeable legs and removeable arms, 2 way zip for easy nappy changes.

2. Removeable arms and 2 way zip. Perfect for little wrigglers!

Zippyup 1 Tog (available in Blue, Pink, Grey and Mustard);

Big and baggy for extra comfort with legs and 2 way zip, this is a perfect weight for mild weather and can be layered easily when its colder as there is plenty of room for sleepsuits underneath.

Babies can't regulate their own body temperature so it is important to help them do this by layering their clothes appropriate to the weather and room your baby is sleeping in.

Washing; Zippyup sleeping bags can be put in the washing machine and tumble dryer as often as needed!