Quick and easy milk baths for babies;

Whether you want to create the perfect Instagram image or you want your baby to benefit from the nourishing properties of milk, here is a quick guide...

Legend has it that Cleopatra had a daily milk bath in donkey milk to enhance her complexion. If it's good enough for Cleopatra then its's good enough for baby!

Milk contains natural fats which softens the skin, lactic acid in milk also acts as a natural micro-exfoliant. This helps to make the skin feel softer afterwards. Some like to add flowers or sliced fruits to create colour and add scent to the mixture. Roses and other wide flowers float well, some large leaves and sliced citrus fruit create beautiful images.

5 easy steps:

  • Fill your bath or sink with warm water
  • Pour in a good amount of whole milk (adding milk first will cause bubbles and will not photograph well)
  • Let the mixture settle for 15 minutes
  • Add flowers last (leaving 2-3cm of stem to help them float)
  • once the baby has finished in the milk bath rinse them thoroughly to wash off the milk from their skin.

Hopefully baby doesn't eat too many of the flowers!