Consider Buying Organic...

There are lots of advantages to buying organic cotton but the main one for ZIPPYUP is that you are  helping to keep our lovely planet the way it should be.

You have asked and we have created a beautiful range of ZIPPYUPs made with organic cotton, the cotton has been grown without pesticides or insecticides which keeps the soil free from nasty chemicals. 

The process of dying and making the fabric for ZIPPYUPs means that the factory we use does not put waste chemicals into the nearby water system. 

We work with factories that meet the highest quality standards to ensure both the materials are the best quality and also that the processes involved in making ZIPPYUPs meet the highest industry standards, the people who make ZIPPYUPs take pride in their work and we make sure their welfare is also looked after. 

Organic cotton is more expensive, this is true, which why we created a small exclusive range for customers wanting organic babygrows.

Organic cotton is super soft to touch and on your babies skin, it can help reduce reactions such as eczema. Our Classic range of ZIPPYUPs are also 100% cotton and super soft  for baby skin with a variety of lovely new patterns, prints and stripes.