10 Things You Learn After Experiencing More Than One C-Section:

As April is c-section awareness month I thought I would share with you a few of my experiences regarding c-sections, having had both my babies by c-section it has made me realise that each one is very different.

• After your first c-section, when you stand up, brace yourself for potentially the worst pain you have ever experienced. It feels like you will never be able to stand up straight again or even walk without painfully shuffling.

• There is a big difference between a planned c-section and an emergency c-section. The latter is exhausting (usually you have been in labour for a long time already), your body and your baby are distressed. A planned c-section is calm and your mind is clear, you have known the date for a couple of weeks, if not longer, and it’s very reassuring to take out many of the variables or worrying factors.

• No two c-sections are the same, like no two pregnancies are the same, the affects of the drugs can be different, they may make you sick and your recovery time will be different.

•The pain you have during recovery can be much different in each c-section. With the second you are more prepared with how to deal with the pain. What is for sure though is that the pain will ease everyday until you feel more like yourself again, do not rush and be aware that your scar on the outside may be healed but on the inside it could still be repairing.

• Never underestimate the power of paracetamol and ibuprofen, this will see you through when you think there is no pain like it. They really do take the edge off. Also, Windeeze is a great help for trapped wind which has the ability to catch you when you least expect it with an excruciatingly sharp shooting pain.

• There is no pain or discomfort during the c-section, you will feel yourself being moved and pulled on the operating table as they get baby out but no pain.

• Don’t rush out of hospital until you feel physically ready, getting in and out bed is tough so make the most of the electric bed! with my first baby I was in the hospital for 6 nights as we both had infections. With my planned c-section I was able to stay two nights to allow my body to get ready for home life (with a newborn and a toddler aged 18 months).

• It doesn’t hurt having your catheter out, you don’t even feel it. If anything I found it very handy not to have to shuffle to the toilet in the hospital, enjoy it while you can.

• You still get post birth skin to skin contact if this is best for your baby. With my first emergency c-section sadly he was whisked away to check his breathing while I vomited everywhere but during my planned c-section I had my gorgeous little man touching my face and snuggling in.

• Coughing, sneezing, vomiting and laughing are very painful to begin with, these things you take for granted before a c-section but when you are in recovery and you feel a cough or sneeze coming it really is your worst fear. No jokes please!

It is still an absolutely magical moment to give birth via c-section, you are meeting your baby for the first time and it really doesn’t matter how they arrive as long as you are both safe and well. You are amazing for making such a miracle!