Entertaining young children can be tough...

It’s really tough thinking of new things to do with little ones each day, here is a weeks worth of ideas, one for every day to mix in with other things you will be doing.

Model Making:
Use your recycling to be creative to make models, keep all the plastic and cardboard containers to make boats, binoculars from kitchen roll tubes, dumper trucks from egg boxes, yoghurt pots are also great wheels. Have cellotape or masking tape, stapler and scissors at hand (you do cutting and stapling!).

Bug Hunt:
Go on a bug hunt, write down or draw as many bugs as you can think of and then go and look for them in the garden or on your daily walk. You can also add in flowers, leaves, stick, stones, feathers and other things you think might be about to this list.

Easy Baking:
Do some baking, most of us aren’t master bakers but if you don’t have all the correct ingredients or you can’t cope with the mess that baking with little ones causes then you will be happy to try pre-mixed bake your own cupcakes (simply add an egg and water). It’s quick and easy and your little helper can mix it up easily and quickly!

Smoothy Making:
Make a smoothy, let them decide what to add (from a list you have generated!) here are some simple ideas to get you started. (Blend a banana, strawberries, baby spinach and milk!) 
Not only do they have fun making it but fingers crossed they will drink it too.

Have a pizza picnic in your garden, if it’s cold or raining then have it on the floor in your lounge. I suggest food that isn’t too messy...hence the pizza!

Build A Den:
Build dens using your sofa, cushions, blankets, towels, dressing gowns. It’s amazing how this simple activity can keep them occupied and interested...then they want to sit in den while you embrace the mess.


Have music and dancing time (create a band!). You can either make your own instruments or use ones you have in the toy box, create a stage using a rug or blanket. Play favourite music on YouTube or your phone and get everyone boogying.

Little ones really just want your attention, time, patience and help which is so difficult to do when we also have work and household jobs to do. These 7 simple ideas will allow you to all enjoy this time without too much mess or preparation.