April is C-section awareness month so here are my 10 top tips for Mothers preparing to have an elective C-Section. Having had both an emergency and elective C-section I can draw on my own experiences to help other Mums going through this.
  • Bring slippers or sliders so you can walk to theatre (wearing compression socks).
  • Pack BIG knickers which will go above your scar.
  • Ask your partner to press audio record on their phone when it’s time for baby to arrive. Then you can play back the first cry.
  • Pack Windeez tablets to help get rid of trapped wind as this can cause a shooting pain.
  • Use the electric bed as much as you need to, that’s what it’s there for!
  • Use the time in hospital to recover and press the buzzer if you need the midwives to help.
  • Bring a night dress (with buttons for easy breast feeding) rather than PJs to avoid the waistband rubbing on your scar and to avoid your catheter getting tangled.
  • Remember to take paracetamol regularly once you are home.
  • Do not over do it, your scar will be healing well on the outside but it will still be healing inside.
  • Finally, remember you just brought an actual human into the world!!! You and your body are amazing!

This is a photo of me just before my 2nd (elective) C-Section, my 1st was an emergency and happened very quickly.

From entering theatre to leaving the elective c-section took about an hour, there is a much more relaxed and calm environment compared to an emergency where the surgeons are under pressure to get baby out urgently, this is done in minutes.