Cozy knits, crisp colourful leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes (when you get a minute), Autumn is here. Babies and toddlers love anything new and exciting so introduce your little one to this wonderful season through autumnal activities you can both enjoy!


Get crafty for halloween and get your child learning through play this Autumn with these fun and spooky ideas


Make your own Halloween masks

Let the kids design their very own Halloween masks with paper plates. The simplicity of paper plates will give them the freedom to stick and paint their masks however they want and will give your little one their most original Halloween look to date. Get some inspiration here.


Go out on a leaf hunt

Get outside and go on a nature walk collecting all the wonderful Autumn leaves you see. Encourage your child to tell you what colour each leaf is. For further fun and learning at home you can sort the leaves you found according to their colour and big/little categories.


Autumn leaf collage

Get arty with the leaves you have collected and make a big Autumn leaf collage. Invite your child to stick down all of the leaves on the some card/paper to make a colourful Autumn art piece!


Pick your own pumpkin

Take a family day out to your nearest pumpkin patch and spend the day picking your very own pumpkins. The kids will love running around the fields and you can take your pumpkins home ready to carve and decorate.


Paint a pumpkin

Bring the ultimate Halloween staple to life with some paint and brushes and spend the afternoon getting creative with the kids to give your pumpkins a real scare factor! The perfect sensory activity for the kids to get stuck into and youll be surprised how much youll enjoy it too.


Bowling with the ghosts

Draw ghost faces on some paper and wrap them around a few skittles. Get into teams and see who can knock over the most skittles. This will be a great game to boost your little ones co-ordination skills.


Autumn sensory bottles

Gather acorns, conkers, pinecones and leaves in a sensory bottle or just an empty clear drinks bottle and let the fun begin!


Bake Halloween gingerbread

Trick or treat? Get the kids involved with surprising the family with their very own treat with Halloween inspired gingerbread. Try baking a gingerbread haunted house or gingerbread mummies for a scrummy Halloween treat!


Spider races

Race your spiders in water and the first one to blow their spider across the finish line is the winner! All you will need is a couple of straws and plastic toy spiders.  


Make playdough monsters  

Mould the most scariest looking monsters with playdough and poke, poke, poke. Theres something about poking playdough that kids love so make sure you have lots of googley eyes, feathers, coloured gems for them to poke through the playdough to create their very own Halloween monsters.


Make oozy and goozy slime 

Kids love anything thats gooey so carry on with the monster theme and learn how to make colourful, stretchy slime this Halloween. Get slimey with this google eyes monster slime recipe for kids and when youre done you could put the slime in pots which kids will just love to receive.