Summer may be drawing to a close but holidaying with little ones in the colder months is an increasingly popular choice for families. Those searching for some winter sun will usually find quieter beaches and calmer resorts making it an ideal time to travel for families with small children.

 While going abroad with babies and toddlers for the first time is exciting, its no secret that preparing everything you need can be a little daunting. There is a lot to think about so here we have listed some essentials that you might have missed with some top tips for travelling with babies and toddlers.


Depending on the flight time, there will be a few different things you will need while travelling - here are a few essentials to consider:

Car seat (unless you're hiring at destination) 
Car window shade
Lightweight, portable pushchair
Pushchair shade
Travel cot (if required)
Plus, change of clothes in hand luggage for you and baby



You will know just how many clothes baby gets through in a day so the more lightweight layers the better.

The Zippyup baby grow would be the perfect outfit for your little one to travel with. Comfortable for the plane journey and super easy to get on and off during changes- see the range here.

Other items you may have missed: 

Shawl or scarf
Non slip shoes  
Cotton sun hat (for you both)
Plus a few warm layers for chilly evenings!



Aside from wash bag, beach bag and medicine pouch, here are two others that will be handy:

Cool bag / picnic bag
Airport Trunki - good for storing some clothes, travel pillow and if baby is old enough, handy for them to sit on during airport queues!



Pack your toiletries for you and baby as you normally would but here are three toiletries that will prove super handy that you may have forgotten about: 

Hand sanitiser
Talcum powder (great for getting sand off)
Sunscreen for kids sensitive skin

Plus universal travel bath plug (for turning basins into baby baths)



Ready-made formula
Formula powder/breast pump
Lots of snacks, and food pouches
Sterilising equipment
Lolly or sweet for plane take off / landing pressure (for toddlers)



If your little one is at the age where she cant sit still for long, wants her little hands occupied and mind stimulated you may be worried about keeping her entertained - especially if you will be travelling on a long haul flight.

Try not to worry too much about her nap or about breaking her routine as the holiday will do that naturally - its all part of it! But what you could do is pick a flight time that you think she might have a little nap on.

But if it so happens she is awake the whole time, dont panichere are some handy tips you could try on the flight:

Portable DVD set or Tablet/iPad with their favourite film or tv programmes.
Wrap up presents with small toys inside. Your toddler will love opening one every so often.
Bring a sticker book and get sticking, your child will love keeping her hands busy.
Colouring pads with triangular crayons that wont roll off the seat trays.
Snacks, snacks and more snacks!


Happy holidays!