The effects and influences colour has on our lives...
Why do we associate certain colours with brands, gender or even quality?

This is such an interesting subject and one that has interested me for many years.
Branding is hugely effected by colour, we associate certain colours with brands. For example without even realising it you would always associate Ferrari as being a very distinctive red colour.
If asked what colour is a Heinz baked beans tin you would instantly think of that well known greeny/blue colour.

Would you always buy pink for girls and blue for boys? you'd like to think not but recently I have been asked...
'when are you doing colours for girls?'
My response has had to be subtle and suggest that aqua can be a suitable colour for girls and boys.
Lemon used to be the unisex colour of choice but has since gone out of fashion.

I am now updating the ZIPPYUP range to include a pink and white stripe to avoid customers going elsewhere for a traditional baby pink.
Also lots of new and interesting colour combinations are coming very soon.

All shades of grey (not 50) have become the new trend as a unisex or 'neutral' colour option and can be perfect for both boys and girls of any age.

Everyone has different associations with colours depending on clothing and interior colour trends...even cars have popular colours of their era.
The 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and so on have each had distinctive colour associations which in time tend to come back into fashion with a slight tweak to keep people interested.

Colour fact: the human eye and brain cannot remember an exact colour, you think you can but when tested to identify an exact colour from memory it proves impossible. Try it!