There are so many options on where to talk to's a possible minefield!

Instagram is my favoured way to show you what ZIPPYUP has to offer, I can say so much more with a picture than I can with words.

Where are you? You each have a favoured social media and much of it depends where your friends are, what message you are giving out and how you want to be perceived.

LinkedIn is a professional networking option for businesses and individuals, twitter is a place to give your views in a limited number of characters!
That in itself is a task and a half.
Should the president of the United States tweet?? It really gives out quite a casual message and I'm not sure that's the branding a president would go for?...not in previous years anyway.
Maybe this is a change in the tide for social media?

If you are on facebook then I need to be there too. It's becoming increasingly a place a promote products and attract customers to your business. People generally like to 'like' what their friends 'like'! and it's a good way to 'share' to likeminded fans.

Google+ is a mixture of Instagram and Facebook - I'd like to rename it Google-confusion, I'm not sure who uses this other than google itself?!?

Pinterest is an amazing catalogue of all things creative, it's much more than Instagram but clearly becoming a place to share your goods and wares along with any life quotes, brilliant photography, handy hints and crafty tips...this one is a grower for the UK.

These are only a handful of the many ways to interact with friends, acquaintances, clients or customers.
The question is 'what is next for social media?'