Travelling with a baby;
'Why do babygrows have all these poppers?'

Travelling on the well known train service from Manchester to London, my worst fears were confirmed with a leaky nappy leg...while travelling at 125 miles per/hour I headed to the lottery locking sliding door at the end of the carriage, in the hope that the leaky nappy wouldn't have totally filled the feet of the babygrow. If you have ever tried changing a baby on a fast moving's not a simple start with there's nowhere to hang a changing bag and then balancing a wriggly baby on the most inadequate changing flap (trying not to touch anything) with wipes clenched in teeth, nappy bag around neck, train moving, baby moving, me moving! can only imagine the rest of this not so comical episode as I undress and try to redress the wriggly little guy without him falling in the loo.

As I emerged completely dishevelled with a baby just about wearing a clean nappy and a vest (the best outcome for all)...this was the final straw and the 'why' behind ZIPPYUP, it will make your life easier, outfit and nappy changes quicker and have enough to do as a Mummy!

Take a spare ZIPPYUP with you everywhere, you never know the moment it will be needed.