As a Mummy of 2 under 2 the prospect of having twins or triplets is a very daunting prospect. The realisation that you have 2 or 3 little people of the same age and same needs to look after. 1 baby is tough work in the newborn phase but more is a huge test on any family...the rewards are doubled or tripled but the work is probably 10 times the amount. I take my hat off to any families of multiples, you are supermum and superdad!!

Not only do you have the worry of premature birth but then the practicalities of feeding, clothing, transporting and caring for these multiple little people.

1 in every 65 births in the UK are twins, triplets or more. This has increased over the years due to women having babies later and the fertility treatments available. Approximately 12,000 twins were born last year in the U.K.

ZIPPYUPs will definitely help parents who have more than 1 baby to dress and change all at the same time.

If you add up all the poppers a triplet family would have to fasten in one day it would shock you! 

On average a babygrow has approx 12 poppers, 12 x 3 babies = 36 

If you change each baby roughly 6 times a day (this is a low estimate!) then you are fastening 216 poppers every day!!! Or zip up just 18 times. 

Which would you rather do? 

This is before you have fastened them in the wrong order or your wriggly baby has escaped!

Our ZIPPYUPs come on a variety of beautiful colours to suit all, unisex colours aswell as blues and pinks with matching accessories. 

Photo credit Instagram @triplet_dad_of_4 Thankyou for this gorgeous photo of your girls wearing their ZIPPYUPs 💕💕💕