10 Nappy Bag Essentials Every Parent Needs To Pack:

So that you and your baby are well equipped for the day ahead, your nappy bag will need to house all of your essentials. But what are your essentials? Depending on how old your baby is and how long you are going out for, will help you determine what you need. A five minute walk to the shops will require a lot less packing than a day at baby group followed by lunch out. But here is a checklist of nappy bag essentials that could help you on your way and potentially save the day!



Nappies - and lots of them

In the early days, taking one for each hour you will be out is a good start. Nappy explosions can happen at any time (usually when you are dressed and just before youre about to step out the door) but its better to take more just to be safe.



Wipes arent just going to be handy for nappy changes. Sick/milk spills on baby, to clean up your hands, and if your baby is eating solids, cleaning them up after any snacks and meals while you are out and about too.


Changing mat

You could either opt for a disposable or reusable changing mat. Either way, having a easy-fold changing mat in your bag is a must as lots of nappy changing facilities wont provide one.


Plastic or biodegradable bags

Take a few out with you to store dirty nappies in and throw away. These bags can also be used to store dirty clothes once finished with.


Change of clothes

Depending on how long you are out for, there wouldnt be any harm in taking a spare set of clothes in your bag for your baby in case of any spills or nappy explosions, ZIPPYUPs are an easy option as they don’t take up much space and are quick to change into. 



Formula/ready made or expressed breast milk if bottle feeding so that you are prepared for feeding stops.


Comfort item

Your baby might have a dummy (bring 2) or a comfort blanket/toy so make sure you pop it in your bag before you go.


Summer essentials

Suncream and sun hat if you are going out in the warmer months.


Snacks/finger food/

For older babies a banana is always a good option or bring some food you’ve prepared and store in reusable tupperware containers to save you searching the shops for something for your baby to eat while youre out. Resealable bought sachets are great and you’ll also need a spoon!



Small toys and books

Depending where you are going, your baby may need some stimulation and entertainment so keep their little hands occupied with some small toys.


Nursing shawl

If you are breastfeeding in public you may want to use a nursing shawl for more privacy.


Breast pads for nursing mums

Before you leave the house slip breast pads into your bra to avoid milk leaks and bring some in your bag just in case too.



Choose a nappy bag that will be suitable for both parents to use - preferably a backpack style which can fit to the buggy or be easily stored in the space underneath the buggy or hung from the handle of your buggy and which of course also can be worn on your back.


Look out for a nappy bag which has waterproof lining as it will make your life so much easier when cleaning up spillages inside.


Choose a nappy bag that has lots of storage compartments, particularly separate compartments for milk bottles/water. And incase of a nappy explosion you can put any dirty clothing in a separate part.


Ensure these separate compartments have an insulated interior to keep milk/water fresh.


Try it on before you buy and ensure it fits/suits you well and that you feel comfortable using it as it will be your most treasured bag for a long time!