There is no denying that the high street offers convenience,but a lot of the time quality is often compromised. Finding quality clothes for our babies and toddlers isnt always easy on the high street. What we are starting to see now is that parents are becoming not so concerned with low prices and convenience, instead they are becoming increasingly committed to quality, sustainable clothing.

100% cotton boasts less bobbly bits, washing up better in the machine, the general quality of clothes that have been worn time and time again which means we are:

1. Keeping clothes for a lot longer
2. Are even chucking out less and
3. Storing more of it for hand-me-downs.


Here we look at 5 reasons why more parents are choosing 100% cotton clothing and why you should make the switch in 2020.



The washing pile never ends. With that in mind, having100% cotton clothing of great quality that will not only wash up well but also last a really long time, will keep your kids in their clothes for longer. This will then of course be better for the environment, reducing the amount we have to throw out.



Babies and toddlers are prone to allergies and 100% cottonis a lot more kinder to the skin. It controls moisture, insulates and is hypoallergenic meaning it is less likely to irritate the skin. Usually the scratch mitts on baby grows from many retailers stop at age 6-9 months, but at ZIPPYUPwe have the scratch mitts on all sizes (newborn to 18-24 months) which also helps to stop scratching for eczema sufferers.



100% cotton feels super soft on your little onesskin and not just when you first buy it. The soft feeling stays over time, wash after wash. The softness of cotton causes it to feel very comfortable for babies and toddlers to wriggle around in.



Traditionally price is what would determine where you would buy your childrens clothes but as this is starting to shift, parents are realising that 100% cotton actually save you money. Just think about the amount of out-grown or really worn-out looking clothes you have to throw away every month. They may have gone out of shape or discoloured- whatever the reason its usually down to quality. This will mean youd be going out to replace their clothes a lot more. Making more of a mindful investment in your childrens clothing will reduce the amount youll be chucking it out as essentially itll last a lot longer.



Synthetic fibres dont allow the skin to breathe properly which causes sweat to build up on the skin which is often an eczema trigger for many children. Comfort is key no matter what stage you are at with your child. 100% cotton is breathable and light making it a safe option for children. Lots of our parent feedback have told us 100% cotton is essential for babies and toddlers who have eczema.


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