14 Things youll know if you breast or bottle feed your baby:

Dear Mums Everywhere,

Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby, you are doing an AMAZING job! But lets be real, feeding your baby is hard work which ever method you choose. So here we shed some light on some of the struggles and things youll know if youre a breastfeeding mum, a bottle feeding mum, or both!  

7 things you’ll know if you’re a breastfeeding mum…

Not everyone can understand the challenges of breastfeeding unless youve done it, doing it, or have done a shed load of research because you plan on doing it. So, in celebration of breastfeeding mums everywhere, here we share 7 things youll know if youre a breastfeeding mum.

• It can hurt

Whether you have had a smooth sailing breastfeeding journey, or struggled in the beginning (or even still do) we should all be in agreement that breastfeeding isnt always physically pleasant or kind to our bodies. Whether your breasts are continuously sore and achey or your little one decides to bite down mid feed, breastfeeding isnt always relaxing experience and can beactually quite painful for many mums, especially in the beginning.


• Its hard work

Its not an easy ride and it can be very demanding. Lots of babies cluster feed, which can be really tiring- youll know if your baby is cluster feeding as all you will feel like youre doing is breastfeeding your baby.


• Leaks will happen

Any time, anywhere. And sometimes not in the most convenient of places. Youve probably got quite a few breast pads floating around your bag, or to save on cost, you might have tried a couple of good old cotton wool pads.


• When you find the right bra- its a game changer

Out with the old and in with the new for your underwear drawer and there is nothing better than finding a bra that fits properly while youre breastfeeding. Opting for one with no underwire and lots of comfort and support is a must. And you will know that those few extra pounds youve spent on a quality one this time will be SO worth it.


• You either take to a breast pump or you dont

You will know some mums who swear by their breast pumps and other mums who have to spend a whole day with theirs just get an ounce. And then there are other mums who would rather sit and manually express. Either way- youll know its about what works for you.


• Sometimes your nipples are flat

If your nipples are flat or inverted it can make it difficult for your baby to latch on which can be quite stressful. You may want to try breast shields for a short time only or you could try pumping milk as that can also help draw out your nipples.


• Early letdowns can happen at anytime

Youll know that early letdowns happen during the first few moments of your baby feeding but youll also know that they can also happen randomly at the supermarket, in the shower, or even at the sound of your babys cry. Its definitely quite a strange sensation at first!


7 things you’ll know if you’re a bottle feeding mummy;

• You need to be the Queen of organised

Whether you are popping to the shop or going away for the weekend you need have sterilised bottles and formula with you. Your nappy bag can quickly become jam packed with spare bottles extra formula.


• Bottles can Leak

Its soul destroying when you have prepared the bottle, whether you have expressed or made formula, all your hard work can go to waste if the bottle gets knocks over in your bag or spilt if you are in a rush.


• So many to choose from

The choice of bottles and teats is almost endless. This has its good points and bad, you can try different ones to suit your babies needs but sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming.


• Daddy can take over

This can be a really good bonding experience for Dads, they may feel a little excluded or unable to help you if you are struggling. Hand baby to Daddy for the afternoon and relax!


• During the early stages

When you are first time mum it can be worrying to know how much milk your baby is getting, using a bottle takes this worry away.


• Too much washing up

Every night or while baby naps you spend it washing bottles and making sure they are sterilised for the next round of feeding. The last thing you need is a crying hungry baby (especially in the middle of the night) and no clean bottles. 

• Losing bottles

A misplaced bottle can cause no end of problems, not only is it totally gross when you find it 2 days later! But there is also the endless lost lids! you need to have a couple of spare ones to keep your sanity.


• Temperature control

Breast milk is the perfect temperature for your baby so it’s important to get bottle milk the right temperature too. A quick dunk in boiling water and it takes the edge off for your little one, remember to shake but not too hard to avoid filling your baby with wind!


Mummy life is a journey, full of ups and downs, your feeding experience is completely unique to you and your baby despite your struggles, you know your baby and your body best, you might not realise it but every part of you is tuning into your babies needs.