How Many Newborn Clothes Do I Need?

How tempting it can be to buy a truckload of tiny clothes for your newborn! If this is your first baby, perhaps you’re not sure what you need. Truth be told, even experienced parents can get a little carried away with cute babygrows, baby zipper pyjamas and the like.

There is such a thing of just the right number of baby clothes. Hitting that sweet spot will enable you to march into new baby territory well prepared, without wardrobes bursting at the seams.

How many clothes for a newborn?

Adding around 7 babygrows to your newborn’s shopping list is a good rule of thumb. But before we go into a full rundown of clothing numbers, note that every baby is different. Would you believe that I stocked up on as many newborn clothes as I could for my second bundle of joy, only to be told moments after the birth that she was too enormous to fit in them.

So, there’s a thing to be said for shopping with some restraint here. Chances are your baby won’t be in their newborn togs for long. One way to add longevity to your baby’s clothes is to opt for 0-3-month sizes, rather than newborn.

Also, what’s your routine for laundry at home? If you put a wash on regularly due to older kids or other reasons, you’ll probably get by with less. If you want to take the pressure off the washing and drying for a time, stock up with a bit more.

How many baby clothes do I need in each size?

Going off your baby’s weight rather than the size is important. And remember, starting with baby clothes in size 0-3 months is usually a good approach.

But what about the actual solid number of items, like how many sleepsuits for a baby, you say? I know, the laundry routine does impact this, but if you’re a figures kind of person and need something to go by, here’s a rough idea to start you off:

7 x long-sleeved babygrows or romper sleepsuits
7 x short sleeved babygrows or bodysuits
10 x bibs
4 x leggings
5 x socks
2 x hats
1 x pramsuit or coat

Then there are the little seasonal extras you’ll need to think about, depending on whether it’s a summer or a winter baby. Such as a summer or woolly hat and mittens. You’ll also want blankets on-hand, and perhaps a baby sleeping bag.

How many babygrows do I need?

Babygrows are a wardrobe staple for newborns. You’ll need a few different types to cover all weathers and situations, but the top tip is to layer.

Footless babygrows are perfect for warmer months. If it’s colder, snuggly fleece or knittedbabygrows will give your baby extra warmth and comfort. These can be layered up with vests underneath, or cardigans, jumpers or outerwear on the top. For base layers, worn either alone in the summer, or underneath in chillier months, stock up on short-sleeved babygrows or bodysuits.

Whatever variation you choose, make your life as easy as possible at this time. Rather than just thinking, how many newborn clothes do I need, consider the time of year, your routines at home, quality and design details. For instance, if zip-upbaby pyjamas and babygrows will help you dress a wriggly baby (we know all about that,) go for that option! It’s all about making this time as fun and stress-free as possible.