Baby Clothing You Really Need As A Second Time Parent

Here’s the good news. If you’re about to become a second-time parent, you already know what to expect from a newborn. With this experience under your belt, you remember what made your life easier last time. But it’s still nice to get your thoughts in order when planning for your new baby.

While there are articles aplenty on what gadgets and essentials to buy your newborn, it’s a little harder to get advice on baby clothing for your second. So, what do you need? What can you keep from the first time around? And how can you save money along the way?

Second baby essentials

Let’s be honest. Baby number two is going to add a whole delightfully complicated dimension to your days. Simplifying your life will become more important than ever.

The good news is that most baby clothes can be reused. If you’ve been organised enough to put some aside, go through them with a fresh head. Chuck out anything that’s looking a little worse for wear and start creating piles by size. You’ll soon get a sense of what needs topping up.

Seasons will dictate what you need too. Perhaps you had a summer baby first time, and a winter one second. Things like that can make recycling clothes feel a little more complicated, but just remember you can layer up or down, and top up on seasonal essentials like fleece onesies if you need to.

Here’s a list that will help if you need a memory refresh on the number of babygrows and other clothing you’ll need.

Baby clothes for the second time around

Once you’ve reminded yourself on the essentials and worked out what you’re missing, you can get to work creating a shopping list.

If you know the sex of the baby, there will be less guesswork involved. You can start shopping in earnest for baby boy or baby girl clothes. A gender-neutral approach is good if you’d prefer a surprise, and it’s amazing how many little babygrows and sleepsuits can suit either gender.

Before you get too credit card happy at your favourite baby clothing stores, remember how much juggling will be involved compared to your first baby. Go for clothing that’s easy to whip off and pull on, like zip up baby grows to whizz through changes, even with a wriggling baby and your first born hanging off your leg.

What to get second-time parents

If you’re in charge of buying a gift for a second baby, fear not! It’s not a case of finding something for the parent who has everything.

Although siblings will share clothes and toys, little gift boxes with a new teddy, snuggly baby clothing, or even gift vouchers will always be appreciated.

There’s nothing cuter than a little sister or little brother babygrows, and things like baby accessories and shoes are hard to recycle. Small items like hats and headbands often get lost, and shoes don’t always fit a second baby or toddler. So, if you want to gift something sweet and useful, baby essentials like that will always go down a treat.