Everything you need to know about the best baby winter clothes, layering, cosy clothing for bedtimes, and dressing your baby for cold-weather walks.

The nights are drawing in, and the temperatures are dropping. If you’re a parent, it’s time to cue your baby’s woolly hats and snugly outerwear, which, let’s be honest, isn’t a bad thing for cuteness levels. From a practical point of view, what are the best baby winter clothes? It’s a season where you’ll be moving a lot from warm indoor spaces to the cold outdoors. That means you’ll need some next-level winter wardrobe tips.

How cold is too cold for a baby?

But first, hands up who’s fretted over their baby’s room temperature, especially at night? It’s these kinds of things that get us scrolling on our phones for the answer at 3 am, right? All that considered, I’m sure you all know that between 16 to 20 degrees C is considered the best temperature when a baby’s sleeping. The NHS advises an optimum 18 degrees C for your baby’s room.

But, what about when you’re out and about? We have one big word for you here. Layering. The key is being able to adjust the baby’s clothing while you’re on the go.

How should I dress my baby in cold weather?

Keeping an eye on how your baby’s doing is the best way to enjoy the winter weather. Be watchful for warning signs like shivering, or red hands and feet. Similarly, while you need to wrap them up to brave the open air, you’ll also need to remove some layers when you go into warmer places.

This is where easy to remove clothing comes in extra handy. A hooded all in one baby suit with zips can be whipped off when you step into warmer places, like the car or shopping centre. Baby clothing like baby grows or leggings and a short-sleeved bodysuit will enable you to keep your baby comfortable as you dash from one place to the next. Add a hat when you’re al fresco, and you’ll be good to go whatever happens.  

What should my baby wear at night in winter?

Here’s the other autumn winter baby clothing brainbuster. Just what do you put them in at night?Some rooms can get decidedly chilly when the mercury dips. At the same time, we’ve all panicked over our baby’s being too hot.

To get yourself out of a sleep-stealing funk, get a good idea of what the temperature’s doing in your baby’s room at night. Try to keep it as consistently between the comfortable and safe zone of 16 to 20 degrees C as possible. Choosing a sleeping bagwith the right tog rating, or layers of blankets will help you to keep your baby safe and snug.

As for your baby’s clothing, a baby grows with feet attached is the best way to keep their toes lovely and comfy. If your room is especially chilly, you can add a short-sleeved bodysuit as a base layer to keep them warm. And remember, if you go for zip-up baby grow, you can speed up those night-time changes during the cold winter nights. And who doesn’t want that?