How To Buy The Gifts New Parents Want 

If you’re a parent, you’ll know exactly the type of gifts you receive when your baby’s born. Generally speaking, you get a haul of baby clothing and a few toys dotted in between. Now, as big baby clothing fans, we’d like to say that this is our kind of new baby congratulations gift. But is this what every new parent wants to receive? 

New mum and baby gifts 

A little while ago, a survey revealed that 79% of new baby gifts were clothing-related. Does this show a lack of imagination on the gifter’s part? Honestly, we think not. There’s a reason why it’s such a popular route. When you have a new baby, you mostly need useful things. 

Clothing is one of those essentials that make your life so much easier. If you have a stack of babygrows to hand, you don’t have to constantly have the washing machine on, for instance. And if you go for something that also takes the parent’s needs into account, like making their nighttime changes easier with zip-up babygrows rather than poppers (any parent can testify to the aguish misaligned poppers in the dark at 3 am can cause), you’ll be going the extra mile.  

Non-baby gifts for new parents 

Some of us do like to go a bit gung ho with our gifts, and what’s more off-piste than getting a non-baby gift for new parents? Honestly, the odd smattering of presents like this can be a breath of fresh air, so it is an option.

If you decide to be a bit more daredevil and get something non-baby, think about what would be useful for the parent. Considering “normal” life will be out the window for a few months, you’re best to stick to things that will get used. Breastfeeding-safe pamper products and comfy clothing or socks are some examples. 

Are new baby gift vouchers a cop-out? 

What if you’re not sure what to choose and you want to make sure the parent is getting a useful gift? Is a baby gift voucher a cop-out? This will come down to individual choice. Some people love a gift voucher, others prefer to get a present they can open on the spot. 

What we will say is that, unlike some celebrations, gift vouchers are particularly useful when you’re a new parent. You might have hand-me-downs from friends, or you might be short of a certain type of clothing or toys. Rather than nice-to-haves, most of these things are necessary to get through the first few months. If you haven’t dolled a list out to everyone, it’s hard for people to know exactly what you need.

This is where the gift card can save the day. Especially if it’s from a store that feels special and baby-focussed. At the end of the day, unless you’re super-organised, you often forget who’s bought you what when you’re in full new baby mode. A gift voucher can take the pressure off.