Parenting can be fun, even on your off days! Read these practical parenting tips to find your happy place.

How To Make Parenting Fun For You And Your Kids

Every parent has had those days. The ones where you’re feeling low on energy. Perhaps the ideas of bouncing around and playing endless rounds of hide and seek, or whatever the order of the day is, doesn’t feel fantastic.

These are the days where we need to restore our parenting mojo. And not just for our little bundles of energy, but for ourselves too. Because parenting can always feel fun if you let it. Here’s how.

Find fun activities for all of you

Always thinking about fun activities for kids, rather than for you too? Chances are, it’s not always what you want to do most. To find a happy place, you need that middle ground. Something that will bring joy to you both.

Now, every family is different, so the following tips are for inspiration only. The key is finding something that will make all the family hoot with glee. Here are some ideas:

Plan an adventure – it could be a family bike ride, a train journey, or a trip out to the woods to pick flowers or collect sticks! Whatever floats your boat!
Schedule an at-home movie afternoon – snacks, blankets, lights low. What’s not to love? Even if you do have to settle on watching Frozen for the millionth time.
Get competitive – get a board game going, especially a rowdy one, like Hungry Hippos. Or get into the garden and create an obstacle course. You have to join in too. No sitting on the side-lines this time!

Find your peace and quiet

This works on two levels. First, don’t forget that self-care is so important as parents. Having kids is tiring. You need to take some time where you can to replenish those energy levels and reboot your love for parenting. This is all about peaceful parenting tips!

It’s also important for the whole family to encourage quiet time. It allows you all to unwind and revel in peaceful, bonding activities. These can include:

Kid’s yoga. It’s one of the best fun activities for kids at home.
A mini, at-home pamper session with relaxing music.
And even quietly reading a book can take the edge of a frantic day and frayed moods.

Find the fun in the everyday

Hands up, this article on life hacks for parents made us both chortle and raise an eyebrow, if that’s possible to do simultaneously. But regardless of whether you agree with these practical parenting tips, the general vibe we took from it is that it’s ok to find ways to make your life easier.

Sometimes, the fun can be sucked out of the every day when we feel like we’re on a hamster wheel. Here are just some things that may help:

Choosing your battles. Feeling like you’re always at war with your kids is draining on energy levels. Yes, discipline is so important, but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s also healthy to let the little things go.
Eat meals together when you can. It’s a great bonding opportunity, and it can be fun. Promise!
Say “I love you”. Those words go a long way. And it will help build warmth and fun in your household.

All in all try to enjoy your children, they are only little for such a short time.