To give you some background about The Original ZIPPYUP...

I am Angela, founder and creator of The Original ZIPPYUP babygrow, when I had my 1st baby I struggled to understand why babygrows had so many poppers and the lack of zip up babygrows on the market. 

Zip up babygrows are an absolute life saver during the night for newborn nappy changes (no need to fiddle about in the dark doing up poppers!) and also great for little wrigglers as a variety of ZIPPYUPs are available in sizes up to 18-24 months...I clearly remember the struggle of dressing my little boys after a bath which was like wrestling with lion cubs! 

Since launching the zip up babygrow range I’m proud to say The Original ZIPPYUP has won several well respected awards voted for by baby industry leaders and most importantly by parents who love ZIPPYUPs...

"LOVE this baby grow, LOVE this company. They make each purchase so personal and would recommend to anyone. I've bought multiple baby grows from them and will continue to do so" - Danie-Marie - 

The original ZIPPYUP has also been featured in several highly regarded baby magazines which I am very proud of, ZIPPYUP is like my 3rd child!

Building up a business from scratch is a tough journey, I have a background in textile design and then spent 15 years working in fashion buying/wholesale supply chain. With this under my belt it has helped me to grow the business. I’ve had ups and downs along the way (like all new businesses) and it is nowhere near the end of the journey, there are exciting things to come from ZIPPYUP!

I started the range with several plain colours and have slowly built up to offer customers a wide selection of prints and fabrics including a beautiful organic range. Most recently I have introduced short sleeved zip up babygrows for warm weather and fleece hooded zip up suits for Winter. I want customers to have the choice and variety all under one (online!) roof.

I'm very proud to be creator of The Original ZIPPYUP with so many other brands adding a zip up baby grow in the their range it's nice to have been the first UK brand to offer this product. I really do appreciate all your support and I will continue to bring you lovely ZIPPYUPs!