The Ultimate Mini Guide To Different Types Of Baby Clothes

Take it from us, even experienced mums and dads can get in a tangle over different names for baby clothing. Every parent needs to stock their little one’s wardrobe with the right gear though and working out what’s what will speed up your search. And that’s what we all want, right? That’s why we’ve created a mini-guide for your essential baby clothing items right here. 

Babygrows. Or is that sleepsuits?

What’s the difference between babygrow and sleepsuit? Nothing! People often get confused over these two terms, but they both refer to suits with long-sleeves and full-length legs. These can be used as pyjamas at night, or for romping around during the day.

There are variations to babygrows though. Some have feet, others are footless. It’s also important to pay attention to the finer details. Think about what they’re made from. Materials like cotton are breathable and comfortable. They should also be easy to whip off for changes, and features like zippers are the key to that. 

Here’s another little tip for anyone who’s buying without yet knowing whether it’s a girl or a boy, shop for unisex baby clothes across essentials like babygrows. There are plenty of gorgeous items that tick that box. 

What about onesies? 

Headline fact, onesies are the same as bodysuits and sleepsuits. In terms of features, onesies have the same full-length legs and long sleeves. And you can see why people get confused!

We prefer to create a separate line for our onesies because they are mainly designed as outerwear though. We have snuggly clothing like a baby fleece onesie and knitted onesies for instance, which are perfect for layering and using on colder days. They are often footless and can include features like hoods. 

Why we also need “shorties” 

Warmer days call for lighter clothing, and that’s where short-sleeved and short-legged babygrows come into play. Aside from the sleeve and leg length, these shorties (as we like to call them) have the same features as long-sleeved and legged babygrows.

The main benefits remain the same. They should be quick and easy to take on and off, and soft and comfortable against your baby’s skin. They are also a complete outfit in one, so you don’t need to worry about adding items of clothing if the weather’s hot. Again, opt for features like zips and you’ll be able to master multiple changes with aplomb. 

Then there are bodysuits 

Last but not least, we have baby bodysuits. These little items cover the baby’s body only, with no legs or arms, or capped sleeves. They are usually worn under other things like babygrows in colder weather, or with leggings, for example.

These usually have poppers at the bottom, which can cause issues during changes. Ask any parents that have battled with poppers during the middle of the night! On the plus side, they are a great example of neutral baby clothes. They are often plain white and can be handed down or bought before you know whether it’s a boy or a girl.